Sunday, 15 September 2013

My desert island book(s)...

As a bibliophile (and I'm an old fashion sort of girl preferring a real book to an electronic soulless copy, family and friends often joke about my personal library) I always thought it would be impossible to decide on a desert island book, until I discovered Diana Gabaldon's  novel Cross Stitch by Arrow Books, 1994 (also published as Outlander in America).  With unabashed joy I raved about it to anyone and everyone who would listen and some who didn't!  As a self-confessed Scotophile, (obsessed will all things Scottish) it was as if this book had been written by my subconscious!  Nearly every holiday is taken in Scotland and when we arrive it feels as if I've come home. 'Sigh'

When I 'met' Jamie Fraser, the hero of the series it wiped all previous relationships with fictional heroes from memory, his character and my crush were all consuming!  It's the first plot I have truly become lost in, I didn't lose hours, I lost weeks reading this book and I didn't feel a smidgeon of guilt!  I'm not going to review it as I wouldn't know when to stop, all I can say is if you haven't read the Outlander Series...why the heck not?  I have read other great books since but they don't even compare to the awesome story telling of Miss Gabaldon!

When a fellow KDS told me there was to be a television series of the books I could hardly contain myself! I'm pleased to see Jamie Fraser will be played by a Scottish actor, would have been more than a wee bit disappointed if he had been an American actor putting on an appalling Scottish accent!  So far Sam Heughan seems like a good choice to play Jamie but I will reserve judgement until I've seen the series.  Should Sam happen to read my blog my plea would be please, please, please read the books - there are a lot of fans depending on you to be THEIR Jamie!  Filming starts this September in Scotland, and I for one will wait with great anticipation for it's release date.


sweetpea family said...
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Amy Kindlebore said...

I can't wait to see the film. Bags we see it together? :) xxx