Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trips/Events: Alpaca Farm

I first fell in love with Alpacas after seeing a Purl Alpaca Designs show on Create and Craft so imagine my delight when back in August I found out that Woodbine Alpaca Farm were having an open day!  Entry was a mere £3 per car - happy days!  One day TOH and I hope to have our own Alpaca Farm!  Yes I'm serious, I have read so much about this beautiful creatures and how to look after them it's something I really want to do, and when I finally learn to knit how awesome would it be to knit up garments to sell and hopefully my mum and a certain KDS friend would be willing to knit away the hours with me!  Anyway until that dream comes true I'm happy to share a few photos of the beautiful Alpacas at Woodbine.  Enjoy! 

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Mum said...

Beautiful photos such cute animals x