Monday, 7 October 2013

One woman's trash...

it's this woman's treasure!  Actually it was lots of different women but that didn't sound quite right.

My bootsale bargains included 5 (including 3 doubles) audio cassette books (£5), Series 3 and 4 of  Desperate Housewives (£4), 1 pack of Language of Flowers playing cards (50p), 35 b&w and colour vintage postcards (£1), beautiful beaded bracelet (I am going to recycle the beads) (£1.50) and a bounty of beads and jewellery making bits and bobs (£8).  Oh and if you pop over to the Newf News blog you'll see the softie that Fergus purchased (or rather picked out) for himself!

 I am now pondering what crafty makes to produce with my stash!


  1. What a lovely find of exciting bits and bobs

  2. That's a lovely crafty find x

  3. Thats a real crafty haul! sometimes I don't use anything for ages...but everything comes in handy at some point...well done to you....
    bestest d x


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