Thursday, 3 October 2013

Review: A Sticky End

Joanna Sheen is a prolific crafter and so being an avid fan of hers, crafter and bookworm myself, when I found out she had written a novel (together with Julia Wherrell) I had to have it!  Fortunately I have a super mum (thanks mum) who order a signed copy for me from the Joanna Sheen website which arrived within a couple of days, and I started it immediately.  I think I only, and somewhat reluctantly, put it down to sleep. 

A brief summary of the plot is as follows;
Victoria moves to Devon to experience a slower pace of life after recovering from breast cancer.  She meets the handsome and quirky farmer Albert, and together they try to piece together the clues of a murder in the village of Swaddlescombe. 

The book is filled with delightful and believable characters (having lived in a few villages and having run a pub I speak from experience) who carry the plot along at the pace of pleasant walk up a meandering lane.  It really was a charming read which I didn't want to end.

For me the book was a cross between Agatha's Christie's Marple and Rebecca Tope's Thea Osborne, and I hope they will be many more novels from Jo and Julia.

Publisher: Victoria Farm Press Ltd
10/10 KDS points.

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DIANNE said...

Now im really looking forward to reading it x