Saturday, 2 November 2013

Trips/Events: The Pumpkin Pickers

Last weekend I spent a lovely hour or so with TOH, my parents, my sister and her OH at our local pumpkin patch.  Picking a pumpkin has become something of a ritual!  I go along with no pre-conceived ideas of what type or how big I want my pumpkin to be, it's rather like picking a puppy or a kitten (or Dragon) it should pick you -  yes I believe that if Dragons (still) existed your Dragon would pick you!  Fortunately both TOH and I would drawn to the same pumpkin and fine fella he turned out to be, somewhat bigger than in previous years but just right for the design I had in mind!
It was a fairly busy day at the pumpkin patch.
Dad spots his pumpkin at 50 paces!
My sister consider her pumpkin options!

Us three girlies were also compelled to view the crafty wares on offer!

The pumpkins numbered in the 100s and somewhere amongst them was MY pumpkin!

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mum said...

It was a fun family afternoon then back to yours for freshly baked cakes and a pot of tea perfect x