Friday, 31 January 2014

A book a month for 2014

I'm proud to say I lOVE books! I can't imagine my little world without books, libraries, bookshops, etc without breaking into a cold sweat!  Everyone needs a little escapism, comfort, love, support, friendship, laughter and even tears and as long as you can always lay your hands on a good book you'll find all theses needs covered and more (although you probably should take some time out to experience these emotions in the real world too!)

Anyone who knows me well will know I'm surrounded by enough books to last me if I lived to be 300!  Finding the time to read can be a little tricky, and as someone who finds it almost impossible to just do one thing at a time, just sitting and reading is difficult for me!

Whilst I was procrastinating about what next book to read next and feeling guilty that I wasn't preparing the dinner or some other tiresome but necessary task...I took a wander around through blogland seeking inspiration.  I popped over to Lazy Daisy Jones (one of my top favourite blogs please visit if you haven't already)where I was drawn to a new blog Circle of Pine Trees and there I found my answer to motivating myself to sit and read more often - The Year in Books!

I truly believe the universe will always provide the answer to the most simple of questions, it might not always be the answer you want nor provided as quickly as you would like but it will answer.  So I took this as a sign.

I'm a Christmasholic & find it quite difficult to let go of Yuletime with all it's gorgeousness and warmth and this is the one time I really indulge my love of reading, there really is nothing like a good Christmas book, I even take part in my guilty pleasure of reading a Mills and Boon!

I also always treat myself to a new secondhand Christmas book...or two each year.  I find January extremely dull (and I don't just mean the weather).  So I decided to keep Christmas alive for a little while longer this year by deciding on this Christmassy book for my January read...
Publisher: Sphere

In my next post I will review this and reveal my February choice...


Laura said...

Thanks so much for joining in! Laura

dianne said...

I love to read on the bus reason being I don't have to sit and watch the gloomy days of winter or try to block out the one sided mobile phone conversations quite clearly some don't know the difference between a phone and a loud speaker so to be able to loose myself in a good book is bliss and a good way to relax x

Tracy Welham said...

I couldn't agree more! x