Friday, 3 January 2014

It's not about the gift...

it's about the wrapping!  OK so may be it is about the gift, but I think the wrapping has to look enticing.  There are two reasons for beautiful wrapping, firstly you can sit stare at the prettiness, secondly it's gets you thinking 'If the outside looks that good I wonder what the gift inside is like!'  Until recently my wrapping has been somewhat dubious with bulky ends and enough tape to hold a house together!  Then I discovered this online wrapping course!  I considered carefully, I'm a little sceptical about online courses but it provided videos to loads of wrapping ideas and with unlimited access and half price offered for a limited period I hit BUY!  Any I'm so glad I did, to be honest sometimes I am easily pleased, especially by prettiness but it was worth it just to learn the skill of making a flower out of a length of ribbon!   I was delighted with my gift wrapping for 2014 and had so many lovely comments my favourite being 'Wow, that's it I'm not accepting any gifts unless they are wrapped just as beautifully as this, you've set a standard.'  I'm smiled my most demure smile in reply but inside I was bursting with pride!  In fact I'm so pleased I think of setting up a local professional wrapping service this year!

Once I learnt how to make one bow my creativity took over and I started to make my own designs!  I now hw to stop myself from wrapping everything in sight!!!

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Dianne said...

It all looks so beautiful stunning in fact like you said you could put it under tree an admire it all Christmas x