Friday, 16 May 2014

I'm in Pet Focus magazine again...with Fergus of course!

Greetings Dilettantes

Just wanted to share my fantastic news, I've just had my second article published in Pet Focus, The Puppy Diaries Revisited.  This is a write up on Fergus' second set of puppy classes.  Don't forget you can follow Fergus the blogging Newfoundland at

Of course I'm thrilled to have another piece published complete with photos, just as excited as I was the first time.  Here are a few photos from the magazine, if you would like to read the article don't forget to pick up your copy of Pet Focus magazine.

Blessings to you all.


PinkyLisasInkyCrafts said...

Well done to you. What a gorgeous cat. I'm more a doggie person, but my brother has had a couple of cats and he sings their praises.

<3 & hugs
Lisa xxxx

dianne said...

Well done Tracy cant wait to read it x

Denise Fletcher said...

Congrats on the magazine article and thanks for hopping onto my blog! Come again soon!

dianne said...

I loved reading the article very informative and so well written x