Thursday, 5 June 2014

April Review and May's Choice

Ooops I'm a bit late with this post!  So I promised to let you in to a little secret, so here goes.  I wonder how many of you have ever thought if you could have celebrity relatives who you would like to be your mother, father, grandfather, etc?  The connection between this imaginary famous family and my April book?  Alan Titchmarsh, yes I decided a very long time ago that I think Alan Titchmarsh would be a super Uncle.  He seems so down to earth and genuine (not to mentioned the gardening tips he could pass on, I'm not very green-fingered!).  It seems my thoughts on him as a person were not too far off the mark.  Amongst my family he is affectionately know as Uncle Alan, it's a standing joke.  My dad didn't pass up the opportunity of extending this joke when he heard 'Uncle Alan' would be doing a book signing, yep my dad has never been one to shy away from asking, what seems to most, outrageous questions?  So you can imagine what he asked of Mr Titchmarsh and here is the proof.

It seems a perfect afternoon in the Highlands.

Standing at the door of the lochside castle that has been his family's home for generations, Charlie Stuart welcomes his guests to the annual summer drinks party. Conversation, laughter and the clinking of glasses soon fill the air as friends and neighbours come together to toast the laird's happiness and prosperity.

But Charlie sees the truth behind the fa?ade: the sacrifices made to safeguard the estate; the devastating losses that have haunted him for decades; the guilt that lies at the heart of it all.

And in a few hours, he knows, the perfect afternoon will come to an end. The past, with its dark secrets of love, death, loyalty and betrayal, is about to catch up with him. And it could finally tear his family apart . . .Blurb from Goodreads website.

Anyway now you all know than I'm just a little weird, unless you know me very well and then you will know I'm more than little weird!  So is it a good book?  It is a excellent book, I enjoyed every moment of it.  The story is so well written it could be based on a true story, you get an instant feel for the characters and the descriptions of Scotland and the castle are vivid and natural, everything comes together to make feel as if you are experiencing everything first hand.  The first chapter is set in 2000 and a very simple event has you wondering exactly what Charlie has done, this is not revealed until the very end of the book, everything in between is twists and turns which lead up to this event.  I had no idea what was coming next, the suspense kept coming and I read it with greedy anticipation.

10 KDS stars plus 5 extra for it being signed!

My choice for May is very different for me, the graphic novel of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson
Photo courtesy of Goodreads website
Publisher: Vertigo

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