Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Winning Weekend!

Every year in Barrow there are two village shows, one in the Summer and one in the Autumn. There are many different sections in which to enter your wares including vegetables, plants & flowers, flower arrangements, baking and various other homemade goodies.  I always enjoy entering the baking section and have won various prizes over the last couple of years.

Friday passed in a whirlwind of flour and flowers as I made 5 bakes and 3 flower arrangements.

These photos show my makes and bakes as I left them on Saturday morning set up at the village hall to be judged. 


The flowers arrangements were my first ever entries in to the flower arrangement section. I'd never really thought of having a talent for flower arranging but I love giving new things a try and had nothing to lose.  I entered a miniature arrangements (no bigger than 10cm in width, depth & height) a casual arrangement and a 'Title of a Song' composition arrangement.

I returned to the village hall in the afternoon to see how I had faired!  There were many beautiful entries and some stiff competition, here are a few photos of the event.

My Victoria sponge did not place but the comments were good 'well risen & a good finish, a dusting of sugar is traditional.' 17/20.  I had read that dusting of icing sugar is a big no for the WI but a dusting of sugar (which a few of them did have) is obviously a tick, so something to remember for the next time. 
My 5 fruit scones failed to place, unfortunately the shape let them down, I think maybe I was a bit too aggressive with my cutter! ' Good flavour, take care shaping & baking.' 14/20.   
No prize for my Cheese Straws but a good score and comments ' Well presented, interesting flavour.' 17/20.  These were a massive hit with my hubby, so that is recommendation enough!

I was staggered to see that my miniature arrangement had won a prize, third place!  Super for my first try.

Two of my bakes won prizes too.  The Gingerbread narrowly missed out on first place £5.00 WI prize but I was ecstatic to see I had come second, so I have something to aim for in the Autumn show!  Comments from the judge 'Well done, a good sticky gingerbread.' 19/20 and for my rock cakes 'Well done, these are good rock cakes.' 18/20 and third place.  Another smiley face from me.

I was delighted to see I had won first prize for my card (some of you may recognise this from my blog and the Creata challenge/facebook group).  A lovely compliment from the judge 'A very attractive card.  Good use of colour.'  20/20

By far my biggest surprise was seeing I had won First Prize for my Song Title Composition.  I was stunned, in fact I think I was speechless.  I did jump up and down on the spot and clap my hands, much to the embarrassment of my family.  No comments or scores are passed on the flower arrangements but the judge left a little card saying 'Charming, Charming, Well Done, Mary.'  I had a hug from mum, who has inspired me with her love of flowers, recommendations, encouragement and lending of books.  Everything I have learnt about flower arranging as come from my mum, with the exception of a few tv snippets (big fan of Kirstie Allsopp!) and looking at arrangements in florist's windows.  There were a few veterans who said 'Well done, it looks as if we have some competition.'  And another participant said 'Well done, the judge thought is was absolutely lovely, she thought it was excellent.  Please do join us again next time.'  I was blown away by all the lovely comments and my first prize placing, and I'm still smiling.

The composition was accessorized with lace hand embroidered table cloth (a family heirloom), lemon gloves, Tea for Two sheet music, heart shaped pocket watch with photo of Doris Day printed from Serif Craft Artist Professional programme and 'There's always time for Tea and here's always room for Cake' card.
There are small prize winnings and in total I won £3.25.  I had to pay a fee for each entry which totalled £1.95 so to be in profit so to speak is nice.  I know it sounds a little corny but it really is the taking part!  As a creative type I do love taking part in the show and of course was thrilled to win prizes for 5 out of my 9 entries, and am now thinking hard about my Autumn entries!

After showing their support and say they congratulations, the troops (my hubby, mum, dad, sister & her OH) were plied with tea and fed with the rest of my bakes.

Photos of my arrangements as they are displayed around the house.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend however you spent the time.  Crafty Blessings. x


dianne said...

Congratulations you did so well every thing looks lovely there was a lot of competition from season exhibitors so you must be very proud and so you should well done again x

jane stillman said...

Congratulations, to enter so many different sections of the show was amazing, so pleased you did so well - encouragement for the Autumn one eh???