Tuesday, 16 September 2014

August's Review

As you know August's choice was Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero - Harriet Evans, published by Pocket Star, 6th January 2014.  The title really does say it all.  This book doesn't pretend to be anything other than a quick, easy chick-lit style read. It's a thoroughly enjoyable read, pour yourself a cuppa and put your feet-up for a few hours, and just relax. If you can't tolerate chick-lit on any level then this book is absolutely not for you, but then that should be fairly obvious from the title!

It is quite clever that Miss Evans has managed to squeeze this little book full of all the usual rules followed in a romantic tale.  I wasn't particularly fond of Laura as a character but I did enjoy the story.  There is an interesting little dynamic with Laura and Nick's family.  I'm not sure I could have stuck around if their were my other half's family, I found one of his sister's particularly rude, and I feel that Laura really should have stood up to her, but I guess there isn't really enough time to explore this relationship in a quick read.

7 KDS points.

There is no September choice photo as I have a further August read to review.  Instead I thought I would share this photo I took of all these lovely berries I spotted on one of my early morning walks with my Newfoundland , Fergus. 

Blessings. x

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