Saturday, 14 February 2015

Scrapbooking & Poetry

If you read my engagement card post last week you will know that my sister recently got engaged (yay!), naturally this got me thinking about my own Wedding and my relationship with my sister.  My sister was, of course, my main bridesmaid at my own Wedding, she looked beautiful and was very attentive.  Isn't it funny how relationships change though, especially between siblings, we didn't always get on when we both living at home, she was after all 'My annoying little sister!'  This is how I came up with the poem, it's possibly not my best work, I find poetry hard to write much preferring to write stories and articles, but I think it explains our relationship.  I spotted a quote the other day that explains it well too;

"Sisters are two different flowers in the same garden."

My sister was 15 at the time and last month she turned 30, when had my annoying little sister grown up!  I must have blinked and missed it.  In about 18 months or so she will be walking down the aisle and I will be beside her as Matron of Honor!  So that's the inspiration behind my scrapbook page.  I used my Serif Craft Artist Programme and have used elements from the following digikits; Dreaming in Chalk, From this Day Forward and Swirling Memories.

Creative Blessings, x


  1. Hi Tracy this is a gorgeous page. Hugs Jackie

  2. A beautiful page, well done on the poem too x

  3. Great page love it and thank you for sharing with us hugs Judith x

  4. this is lovely, you will look back at this in years to come x


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