Monday, 21 September 2015

For the love of an old coat!

Good Morning!  Wow can't believe it's Monday again already, household chores for me today - yawn!

You know those items of clothing you have that you just can't bear to part with but they are looking a little tired, this is exactly the case with one of my coats.  I really love the style and length but it was starting to fade around the edges and just generally looking a little worse for wear but I just couldn't let it go!  (I'm sure there is a song in their somewhere - haha!)

This first pic shows the colour it was, unfortunately I forgot to take a full shot but at least you can see the colour.
Firstly I washed it as the dye only takes if the material is damp.  I used Dylon machine dye.  I was nervous about dying it in the machine but after rinsing the coat, I put a little bleach in the machine and put it on a hot wash and this got rid of any residual dye.   The dye comes with clear full instructions.

The colour Rosewood Red leap off the shelf at me, and here is the colour after dying.
As I decided to change the belt, which was just a tie belt made from the same material I didn't dye it so you can see the contrast in the two colours in this photo.
It did have rather plain buttons too
so I change those for these autumnal looking wooden ones.
A couple of close-ups of the buttons and belt.

Finally here is a shot of me in my revamped old coat and I love it!
The Dylon website says the following about the colour "Rosewood Red - Imagine beautiful autumn days when leaves have turned rusty shades of reddish brown.  Capture the beauty of this season in all its glory with Rosewood Red.  Any time of year it looks great against dark denim, and on curtains, cushions and throws, this rich woody tone creates a warm, inviting mood in any home."  Not really a surprise that I was drawn to this colour.

Creative Blessing. x


  1. Love the revamp Tracy. That comour is fantastic and such pretty buttons.
    Cathy xxx

  2. Wow your coat turned out fabulous Tracy, and love the adorable picture.

    Hugs Diane

  3. Looking good Tracey! I hope your coat gives you many happy wears!
    Dawn xx

  4. Wow you have made a good job of making over your coat. Hugs Jackie

  5. Love the transformation and great buttons
    Carol x

  6. Wow what a lovely makeover love the buttons . The Bag,Hat and gloves go so well with the new colour x


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