Friday, 8 July 2016

Book Review: A Fowl Murder - Joanna Sheen & Julia Wherrell

Sharing a quick review of A Fowl Murder the next installment in Swaddlecombe Mysteries by Joanna Sheen and Julia Wherrell.
The Swaddlecombe Series so far (picture from Amazon)
Victoria and Albert continue their sleuthing in the third installment of the Swaddlecombe Mysteries.  An old friend, Caroline Peacock, of Victoria's turns up in Swaddlecombe but she soon discovers this isn't the quiet little idyll she thought it was when her party turns in to a whodunit!  The death of Victoria's chickens is put down to a chicken's arch enemy the fox, but then the human murders start to mount up, the village gossip goes rife and the pub ends up with a big hole in the wall!
Book 3 (picture from Amazon)
I thoroughly enjoyed books 1 and 2 of this series and book 3 was even better!  These cosy murder mysteries are a delight to read and totally absorbing.  It's very easy to immerse yourself in this little Devonshire village and mingle with the characters.  For instance I'm always eager to know what Edwin will make of a situation and what humorous quotes the triplets will come out with.  Of course I've been totally won over by Albert's charm and down to earth attitude.

Hoping there will be a book four!


Linda Simpson said...

Love your post, I am more a Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum fan. It is always nice to hear other peoples views on different genre's of books.
Linda xxx

dianne said...

I have really enjoyed the books I and 2 and so looking forward to reading book 3 when I finish what I'm reading now . I'm in love with Albert lol x