Sunday, 19 February 2017

January Book Review - Being Human: The Road

Another book review today, unfortunately I didn't enjoy this book on the whole.  I was a fan of the UK series Being Human from the first season in 2009 and all the characters, but this book didn't follow through with the great plot building that was part of the series.

Synopsis in my own words;
Like Annie, Gemma is a ghost, she turns up at the house of Annie, George (a werewolf) and Mitchell (a Vampire).  A secret held in the derelict houses stops Gemma from being able to move on.  The housemates must find out the secret before the houses are demolished for a new road.  George and Mitchell are also concerned about their jobs at the hospital and the new hospital administrator who is keeping a very close eye on everyone.

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I felt Gemma's character detracted from the secret and the storyline and I found these pages quite hard going.  I enjoyed far more the storyline involving George and Mitchell keeping their secret from the hospital administrator and felt this story line could have been developed more rather than the one with Gemma.

The book has difinitely been written assuming the reader has already seen the TV shows, and if you haven't seen them and read the book to see what all the fuss is about I think you would be disappointed and probably wouldn't bother to catch up with the show.

I have the other two books and am trying decide whether to put the effort in to read them.

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dianne said...

I have not seen the T.V shows and from what you have written wouldn't be something I would watch or enjoy x However well done you on finishing the book where many would have given up x

Linda Simpson said...

Well done on finishing the book, not something I would read.
Linda xxx